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We really enjoy watching your puppies grow and develop into wonderful companions. Rather than texting or emailing those updates as we have done in the past, I hope you will take the opportunity to share them on this page so that everyone can enjoy the progress of your little German shorthaired pointer. These posts and pictures serve as great testimonials for those that are trying to decide where to purchase their next puppy. Please share your pictures and stories through this simple form. All posts are manually approved and will generally be posted within a couple days.

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A year and 3 months old and hunting like a champ! Never hunted with a dog this awesome before! Incredible instinct. Very pleased and impressed with our dog. Thank you! Pictures from September partridge hunting to pheasant hunting Thanksgiving and then Christmas.




This about wraps up Luna’s first week of hunting. She had an amazing week with 4 pheasant limits and a great chuckar Preserve Hunt. She is learning and getting more confident every time out. Everyone who meets her loves her and cannot believe She’s not even six months old yet. So proud of thus pup!!


Gary’s First Pheasant Season

Gary’s First Pheasant Season

Hey Derrick! Just wanted to let you know that my Gary, from last years Tick x Caesar litter just finished up his first pheasant season with my uncle in Medicine Lake, Montana! He consistently hit his bag limit on pheasants, and a few times on sharp tailed grouse as well. By the end of the day when most of the dogs were tired and losing interest, Gary was just as eager to go as when he got out of the truck. One year old and his first real experience in the field, I could not be happier! And on top of that he is a total ham, loved by everyone, and liked to fall asleep on somebody’s lap after a long day of hunting. Thank you for an AWESOME dog!