Kota X Zack - ALL SOLD


Whelped 9/11/18

3 Males (L&R) & 4 Females (L&R)

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Kota's Puppies - ALL SOLD

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Kota X Zack
These puppies are 5 wks (41 days) old.

Males (3 L&R):
Male 1st Pick – Gilbert – ID – 11/1 Sold
Male 2nd Pick – May – OR – 11/17 Sold
Male 3rd Pick – Banducci – ID 8/29 Sold
Females (4 L&R):
Female 1st Pick – Oxnam – ID – 9/11 Sold
Female 2nd Pick – Mahoney – ID – 10/5 Sold
Female 3rd Pick – Baker – ID – 10/17 Sold
Female 4th Pick – Vandenbosch – MT – 10/17 Sold

Price – Male / Female:
AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) – $1,150
AKC Full Registration – $2,250

To reserve a pick of the litter or puppy, call/text Derrick at 208-451-0523 or email him at derrick@idahoshorthairs.com. If you have read our “Terms of Deposit” and “Puppy Purchase Agreement” and would like to reserve your pick now, use the drop-down option and “Pay Now”. The payment amount due is $309 ($9 for the processing fees) payable by credit card or Paypal account. The $300 is applied toward the full purchase price of the puppy. The order of reserved picks is the order in which deposits are received.  We do not take any deposits until the litter has been born.  We do not maintain a call back list so check the website, call or text for litter updates.

Deposits are non-refundable so please review our Terms of Deposits which also explains the time frame of when your reserved pick must be exercised and our Puppy Purchase Agreement.

Personal Update

I want to give a quick update and apologize for the lack of posts and communication. I have been very sick and unable to function in any meaningful way for an extended period. Today I’ve finally started to turn the corner and made some improvement and was eager to reach out to you. I am sure I have emails, texts, or voicemails to get caught up on. I hope tomorrow i feel a little better and can start getting your visits scheduled. I am so sorry for all the delays.

Kota’s Puppies – 2.5 Weeks

You can see that some of the puppies are beginning to show changes in the white areas of their coats. Some of the white areas on their legs are turning to roan and some of their pure white patches on their bodies just aren’t as white anymore. Over the next several weeks a few will likely get much darker, while it appears some are retaining their white coat.

Kota Has Whelped

We are excited to announce the arrival of Kota’s new litter!  You can reserve your pick and see additional details here on the Kota X Finn Litter Page.  The red heat lamp makes a good photo impossible, so that will be coming.  All the pups are currently liver and white.  Over the next seven weeks, their white coloring will change from white to white ticked or roan.  Liver patches and markings will remain but can have some roan come into the solid liver color.

Kota's German Shorthaired Pointer Puppies

Kota is Expecting!

We are excited to announce that Kota is expecting a litter within the next 2-3 weeks. I do not maintain a waiting list or callback list so each puppy pick is reserved first-come-first-served as soon as they are born.

We had her paired with the stud during her heat cycle but did not witness the tying. Without witnessing the breeding, estimating the due date is much more difficult and is based on her physical appearance thus the estimated 2-3 weeks. This timeline will be adjusted as she shows additional signs of progress and development.

AKC offers two registration types to control breeding options and the price varies between the two, but is the same for males and females. AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) is $1,400 and AKC Full Registration (full breeding rights) is $2,400. The AKC Limited Registration can be changed to Full Registration in the future by paying the difference of $1,000. Deposits are $300.

Kota has great confirmation and very unusual facial marking.  She has never produced puppies with similar coloration. 

Kota GSP