Litter Updates

We have had a successful coupling of Jack and Mudd!  We have our fingers crossed and have an estimated whelping date of May 21st. We don’t take any deposits until the puppies are born and we don’t maintain a callback list or a waiting list so each litter is reserved first-come-first-served.  $1,400 AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) and $2,400 AKC Full Registration (breeding)

Jack – Great Start on His First Season

 Jack is a Tick X Zack pup I kept from last spring with the intention of bringing him into our breeding program.  He is off to a fantastic start on chukar.  He seems to have a great nose, ranges well, pointed the first covey he pointed, and has eagerly retrieved the birds I have shot.  With other dogs he is also backing naturally.  I am really excited to see him develop into a mature hunting companion.  I haven’t had him out for ducks and geese yet but he loves water retrieves, so cold, icy conditions may be the only thing that could put a damper on those festivities.

Graycie aka Ladybug – Tick’s litter

Graycie’s now 17 weeks, 22 lbs and we’re still having a blast! She’s mastered the basic 7 commands. First introduction to water, loves to swim and she’s learning to be a good passenger. We absolutely love our sweet Graycie!!!


Graycie aka Ladybug – Tick’s litter

Graycie was the runt of Tick’s litter, weighing about 3 lbs and 7oz at 7 weeks. At 10 weeks she weigh in at a little over 8lbs. She’s healthy, social, loves people and enjoys playing with her chihuahua brothers and sister. She’s very intelligent, already grasping the concept of fetching and dropping. She’s almost potty trained. :). Doggie doors works wonders! Today, we’re on our first road trip to purchase a side by side. Fun times to come with Graycie!