Riley X Radar

– Puppies Available –

Whelped 11/06/2023

 $1,400 Male/Female (Non-breeding)

$2,400 Male/Female AKC Full Registration (Breeding Rights)

Riley GSP Successful Hungarian Partridge
Radar on Point

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Female Picks 

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Riley's Puppy Availability

These puppies are 3 wks (21 days) old.

Males Puppies:
Male 1st Pick – Sue Habild – CA – 11/22 Reserved
Male 2nd Pick – Adam Riddel – AB, CA – 11/26  Reserved
Male 3rd Pick Available
Females Puppies:
Female 1st Pick – Oxnam – ID – 11/6 Reserved
Female 2nd Pick – Chris & Amanda – CA 11/7 Reserved
Female 3rd Pick – Andy Elliott – ID – 11/7 Reserved
Female 4th Pick – Luka Dixon’Deveny – ID -11/23 Reserved

Price – Male / Female:
AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) – $1,400
AKC Full Registration – $2,400

To reserve a pick of the litter or puppy, call/text Derrick at 208-451-0523 or email him at If you have read our “Terms of Deposit” and “Puppy Purchase Agreement” and would like to reserve your pick now, use the drop-down option and “Pay Now”. The payment amount due is $309 ($9 for the processing fees) payable by credit card or Paypal account. The $300 is applied toward the full purchase price of the puppy. The order of reserved picks is the order in which deposits are received.  We do not take any deposits until the litter has been born.  We do not maintain a call back list so check the website, call or text for litter updates.

Deposits are non-refundable so please review our Terms of Deposits which also explains the time frame of when your reserved pick must be exercised and our Puppy Purchase Agreement.

Radar x Riley Litter Due Nov 6th

We can confirm that our Radar x Riley breeding was successful and is estimated to arrive Nov 6th.  If our estimated whelping date is accurate, puppies will be ready to go home at 7 weeks on Christmas day!  We’ve never had timing like this so we’ll keep our fingers crossed.   This linebreeding will reinforce the staunch point, great nose, eager land and water retrieves that we enjoy and expect from these lines.

As a reminder, I don’t maintain a callback or waiting list.  So everyone has an equal chance to reserve picks from this litter.  The day they are born, a new page will be available on our “Litter Updates” tab and a prominent announcement button will link to the new page as well.  From that new page, you will be able to reserve the highest available pick for Male 1, 2, 3, …, and Female 1, 2, 3…  Deposits are $300 and will be applied to the purchase price.  Our puppies are $1,400 for male or female with AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding).  Breeding rights can be purchased with the puppy or anytime in the future for $1,000.  If you want to barter, let’s discuss what you have to offer.


Radar - Liver & Roan GSP on Point
Riley GSP Successful Hungarian Partridge