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We really enjoy watching your puppies grow and develop into wonderful companions. Rather than texting or emailing those updates as we have done in the past, I hope you will take the opportunity to share them on this page so that everyone can enjoy the progress of your little German shorthaired pointer. These posts and pictures serve as great testimonials for those that are trying to decide where to purchase their next puppy. Please share your pictures and stories through this simple form. All posts are manually approved and will generally be posted within a couple days.

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First day out

Abel just turned 1! Just in time for his first hunt. He did great! He is so smart, happy and great with the kids. Couldn’t be happier with him. Thank you


Bazzle Update

I wanted to share with you a few recent photos of Bazzle, he’s a year and three months old now. He continues to impress and progress. He’s the sweetest, most loving and kind spirited companion I’ve ever had. He is also the most intuitive dog I’ve ever witnessed working, he points, he retrieves, he comes and stays, he even loves to swim and retrieve in water. Honestly, I feel I’ve had to do very little training, he was just born like this. We go foraging together, we go fishing together, we go backpacking together, he is through and through a do it all dog for the outdoorsmen.
– Jake
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update

Starting off great!

After a huge disappointment in my last dog from another breeder, I’ve found my guy! RADAR is from Caesar and Josie and man I couldn’t be happier with his progress. He’s wonderful in the home and at 6 months he’s showing signs of being a great hunter. He retrieves to hand, he’s healing, he’s pointing game, and he has a ton of drive in the field. I can’t wait to hunt him next season Thanks Idaho shorthairs!


Luna – Caesar /Tick May 2017

Haven’t posted an update in awhile so we figured we would share some exciting news. Luna won first place this past weekend in a US Complete Amateur Gun Dog Stake. There were dogs competing from several states. Luna had three clean finds (steady through the shot) and a nice back to win. I have received more compliments on Luna than you can imagine. The pro trainer I train with said “He doesn’t recall seeing a more athletic dog than Luna, to see her working in the field is really something special”. Looking forward to more field trials and tests in the near future. As high powered as she is in the field, Luna is also the best snuggle partner on the couch.. We will keep you posted as I know Luna’s resume will be growing.



I’ll send you more as he continues to develop. We have another dog, a blue Weimaraner and they quickly became best friends and great company to each other.
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh


He’s Truly Perfect

I wanted to tell you, Bazzle’s such a good boy. He’s truly perfect. He’s smart, cunning and kind. I feel like it took next to no hardship to train him. He loves to chase birds, he loves the water, he loves to run and he’s a great dog in the house as well. He’s growing up to be a very good dog.
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh
Bazzle - Jake DeJongh

Jack DeJongh's Liver Male
Jack DeJongh's Liver Male
Jack DeJongh's Liver Male

Graycie aka Ladybug – Tick’s litter

Graycie’s now 17 weeks, 22 lbs and we’re still having a blast! She’s mastered the basic 7 commands. First introduction to water, loves to swim and she’s learning to be a good passenger. We absolutely love our sweet Graycie!!!


Graycie aka Ladybug – Tick’s litter

Graycie was the runt of Tick’s litter, weighing about 3 lbs and 7oz at 7 weeks. At 10 weeks she weigh in at a little over 8lbs. She’s healthy, social, loves people and enjoys playing with her chihuahua brothers and sister. She’s very intelligent, already grasping the concept of fetching and dropping. She’s almost potty trained. :). Doggie doors works wonders! Today, we’re on our first road trip to purchase a side by side. Fun times to come with Graycie!