Litter Updates

We have had a successful coupling of Jack and Mudd!  We have our fingers crossed and have an estimated whelping date of May 21st. We don’t take any deposits until the puppies are born and we don’t maintain a callback list or a waiting list so each litter is reserved first-come-first-served.  $1,400 AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding) and $2,400 AKC Full Registration (breeding)

Retiring From Our Breeding Program

I’ve been dragging my feet on this for too long and need to make the hard decision to retire a few of our dogs from our breeding program and find them new homes.  If you think you can provide a great home for one of them, please contact me @ 208-451-0523 call/text.

Ceasar – Solid Liver – Age 8

Born 9/9/2012

Ceasar & Josie GSP's Limit of Pheasants

Tick – $1,200 – Age 7

Born 6/26/2013


GSP’s Should Love Water and Retrieving

Mud (solid liver) can’t wait for the retrieve and dives in hoping there may be something already on the water. Jack (liver & white ticked) and Daisy (liver and roan puppy) are quick to follow and soon realize, after treading water, I still have the dummies. They absolutely love the water and retrieving.

Bazzle Update

I wanted to share with you a few recent photos of Bazzle, he’s a year and three months old now. He continues to impress and progress. He’s the sweetest, most loving and kind spirited companion I’ve ever had. He is also the most intuitive dog I’ve ever witnessed working, he points, he retrieves, he comes and stays, he even loves to swim and retrieve in water. Honestly, I feel I’ve had to do very little training, he was just born like this. We go foraging together, we go fishing together, we go backpacking together, he is through and through a do it all dog for the outdoorsmen.
– Jake
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update
Bazzle Update

Starting off great!

After a huge disappointment in my last dog from another breeder, I’ve found my guy! RADAR is from Caesar and Josie and man I couldn’t be happier with his progress. He’s wonderful in the home and at 6 months he’s showing signs of being a great hunter. He retrieves to hand, he’s healing, he’s pointing game, and he has a ton of drive in the field. I can’t wait to hunt him next season Thanks Idaho shorthairs!