In all my years of working with dogs, not one has stood out like Zack. He is just as comfortable traversing the treacherous mountains of Hells Canyon in search of elusive chukar as he is relaxing on the front seat during a long drive. Most dogs that can hunt as hard as Zack are wound up so tight that they our poor companions away from the field. He is special and has received compliments from experienced hunters and trainers from around the world. Due to his wonderful personality and uncanny ability to locate and hold birds, he was chosen to star in the instructional dvd, Introduction to Aerial Archery. This dvd has been sold all over the world and features wingshooting over Zack with a bow and arrow. Any shotgunner can kill birds over a mediocre pointer, but those who carry bows and flu flu arrows need a top performing canine companion. Zack honed his natural abilities pursuing wild chukar in the rugged mountains of the Salmon River and Hells Canyon. Chukars can be upredictable and difficult to locate in the vast expanse of these mountains. He learned to range wider in open country and shorten up in the tight areas. His adaptibilty to hunt within eighty yards and then stretch out to three hundred yards is invaluable, and makes for a wonderful companion. He loves to hunt and find birds but doesn’t feel the need to be in the next county. Fortunately, like any good companion, he is patient with me. In the extreme and difficult terrain we hunt, at times it has taken me more than a half hour to reach him and the birds he has on point. He has never said one thing when I finally reach him, out of breath, trying to hang onto enough of the mountain so I don’t slide all of they way back down. He might throw me the, “it’s about time” look, but never a single snide comment. Zack’s a wonderful dog in and out of the field and I look forward to hunting with him for years to come.