Graycie aka Ladybug – Tick’s litter

Graycie was the runt of Tick’s litter, weighing about 3 lbs and 7oz at 7 weeks. At 10 weeks she weigh in at a little over 8lbs. She’s healthy, social, loves people and enjoys playing with her chihuahua brothers and sister. She’s very intelligent, already grasping the concept of fetching and dropping. She’s almost potty trained. :). Doggie doors works wonders! Today, we’re on our first road trip to purchase a side by side. Fun times to come with Graycie!


Tick’s Pups Turn 5 Weeks Old Today

The pups have finally turned five weeks old and we enter the puppy selecting phase. As we’ve discussed, I like to give the pups as much time to mature as possible before making your selection so we have the best chance of placing the right personalities in the right home.

We have started scheduling the first picks for the end of the fifth week and I’ll continue to schedule the subsequent picks into the sixth week. Don’t worry about missing out on your reserved because we are flowing into week six.

Tick’s Puppies’ First Day Afield

The pups have finally grown enough to keep collars on them. All the liver pups have collars as well the only liver & roan male. The two liver males wear the black and blue collars. All the other liver pups are females.
The wind was howling this afternoon but they still managed to enjoy themselves

Stretching for a Snack – 32 Days Old

Tomorrow I will be putting collars on the liver pups to make them easier to identify. I may also put a collar on our only L&R male to make him easier to pick out also.  They have been eating puppy food but are all too eager to grab a snack whenever mom allows it, even if it’s challenging.