Sammie joined us as an adult dog.  She had some experience but was still very green.  In a very short amount time, she has taken the necessary training and is blossoming into a tremendous dog.  She has a great nose and is really starting stretch out her range.

Sammie measures approximately 20″ at the shoulder and weighs roughly 49 pounds.



Sammie Pedigree

Retiring From Our Breeding Program

I’ve been dragging my feet on this for too long and need to make the hard decision to retire a few of our dogs from our breeding program and find them new homes.  If you think you can provide a great home for one of them, please contact me @ 208-451-0523 call/text.

Ceasar – Solid Liver – Age 8

Born 9/9/2012

Ceasar & Josie GSP's Limit of Pheasants