Once again I want to thank you for the great pup. Grady turned 11 months this month and has been an exceptional dog. He does it all already. We’ll be doing a little fine tuning this spring as will my older dog Jake but we could go on just the way they are and I wouldn’t complain.   Grady got out on 69 chukar hunts this year and had well over 300 points and half that many retrieves.  As you can see by the pictures he is solid on point, honors well and loves to retrieve. Once again, this great dog came from the great job you did in his first 8 weeks.

Thanks and enjoy some pictures of some great chukar dog’s. This is just a few of the shots from January.  Not bad for an eleven-month-old dog.

Larry (Tuckers Chukars http://tuckerschukars.blogspot.com/)