“How much does it cost to ship a puppy?” is a question we get quite often so I thought I would break down the cost of the little girl that left for Texas early this morning.
The first step is to get a health certificate from a vet – $25
A pet porter with airline approved fasteners – $56
Required Travel Supplies – absorbent pad, attached food and water dishes, etc. – $16
United Cargo – Petsafe, through United Airlines – $288

Total $385

My understanding is that this $288 ($271 + fees) is a flat fee for puppy & crate weighing between 11-50# and staying within the continental US. Just for reference, we had a combined weight of 23#.

This is a great option when you are having a hard time finding locally, the temperament and quality pedigrees you want in your next companion and hunting dog.

This is Half Stripe eagerly trying to greet another dog as we waited for her Health Certificate exam.

GSP Vet Check