This Daisy x Radar breeding will produce some fantastic puppies.  I will create a new page for Daisy to give extra details about her and here’s a quick summary.  Daisy has a soft, long-haired (relative to shorthairs) coat.  She’s an affectionate companion with a mellow personality.  She has proven herself to be an excellent chukar dog and a capable waterfowl dog, retrieving on land or in water.  Her strong retrieving drive has not been limited to birds as she eagerly retrieves rabbits as well.  Watch for updates.  Reservations can only be made after the puppies are born and I don’t maintain a waiting list so, as always, first come first served.  $1,400 male or female AKC Limited Registration (non-breeding but can be changed in the future), $2,400 for AKC Full Registration (breeding rights).